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Iceberg Earrings
Iceberg Earrings
Iceberg Earrings
Iceberg Earrings

Iceberg Earrings

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Anita Berisha’s appreciation for the world’s raw beauty is reflected in her nature-inspired collections, all of which are handmade in New York from natural, environmentally conscious materials. Each piece is made from silver or gold-plated brass, threaded with textured freshwater pearls, shells, and crystals to resemble flora and fauna, icebergs, and water droplets in their purest forms.

"Earth & Sea" is inspired by earth layers, oceans, rocks, and minerals. These Iceberg Earrings are made by Anita Berisha as a tribute to Glaciers and their ongoing melting process.


Freshwater pearls

White quartz

Sterling silver

Sold as pairs